Here are the primary services that we offer in our clinic:

  • Preconception Consults, education and support
  • Family Planning Counseling
  • Gender inclusive reproductive and sexual health
  • Birth Control Education and Support
  • Gynecological Services
  • Prenatal Care
  • In House Lab Draws
  • Ultrasound Services
  • Labor and Birth
    • Low risk birthing suites with tubs for those desiring un-medicated birth
    • Support for women who desire an epidural
    • Continued support if physician intervention is needed through collaborative care with the in-house physician team
    • In Hospital Labor and Birth
  • Postpartum Care and support
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Perimenopause and Menopause Care
  • Nutrition Counseling


More About Our Services & Care:

Midwifery care offers a unique and holistic approach to reproductive and sexual healthcare, with a focus on providing personalized, supportive, and comprehensive care throughout the lifetime.

Philosophy of Care:

Midwifery care is rooted in a philosophy that views childbirth as a normal, natural process. Midwives emphasize the inherent strength and abilities of women’s bodies while providing education, guidance and emotional support.

Continuity of Care:

Midwives prioritize building a trusting relationship with their clients, offering continuity of care throughout life, including but not limited to pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. They provide individualized attention and are often present during labor and birth, offering continuous support.

Approach to Interventions:

Midwives typically have a lower intervention rate compared to traditional OB-GYNs, as they follow a “high-touch” approach. They utilize evidence-based practices, promoting natural pain management techniques and non-invasive monitoring whenever possible. Here at Moontower Midwifery, you can choose the type of birth you want and we will support you within the safety net of the hospital. We support those who want a low-intervention, unmedicated birth as well as those who need an induction or want an epidural. We even have 24-hour physician back-up in the hospital in case interventions are needed that are not within the scope of midwifery practice. We will focus on partnering with you to provide safe care that offers choice, gives space for options, and considers your needs and desires as the top priority.

Setting of Care:

Midwives provide care in various settings, depending on the midwife’s scope of practice and the client’s preferences. They work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to ensure safe outcomes. At Moontower, we will offer birth support in the hospital setting, which does not currently exist in Austin at this time. We fully support that women have choices in where they want to birth and want to give an option for those seeking midwifery care and choosing to deliver in the hospital setting. We are working closely with the hospital administration to create a low-intervention midwifery unit, also set to open in the fall, that has tubs, intermittent monitoring, specially trained nursing staff, and 24-7 midwifery support.

Wellness Care:

Midwives emphasize comprehensive reproductive and sexual healthcare, including annual exams, gynecological problems, contraception counseling, menopause management, and more. They provide education on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

Inclusive Care:

Midwives support diversity and inclusivity. They recognize not all people who seek midwifery care identify as women. All persons are equally deserving of respectful patient-centered care that helps them attain their full potential and live authentic, healthy lives. At Moontower Midwifery, we respect individual client preferences regarding gendered language throughout the course of their care.

 We also recognize the lack of birth equity and the continued racial bias in healthcare in the United States and in our own community. We continue to learn and grow and believe that safe and respectful care is a human right of every person, regardless of race or ethnicity. We promise to promote conditions of optimal care for all people with a willingness to address racial and social inequalities in a sustained effort.