Bridget Kenny, CNM

“Midwifery is my chosen path to contribute to making the world a better place, one woman, one family, one individual at a time.”

Bridget Kenny, CNM Photo

Upon my arrival in Austin eight years ago, I was taken aback by the lack of options for women seeking comprehensive care led by Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM) in Central Texas. Together with my colleagues Jess and Emily, we dreamed of creating a practice that would fill this void. Thanks to Jess’ unwavering dedication, our vision has become the reality of Moontower Midwifery and Wellness. I cannot express the honor and excitement of being a part of this team.

Allow me to provide a brief introduction of myself. I grew up in Washington, DC. I received my BA in History from the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, I spent a couple of years in Telluride, Colorado. I skied and worked at the only pharmacy in town. One afternoon, a midwife came into the pharmacy to pick up her order, and we started talking. She invited me to come to a birth, I went, and from there, I began my path to becoming a midwife. I had never seen a person so beautiful and powerful as that woman giving birth. I returned to school at the Medical University of South Carolina to pursue my nursing and midwifery degrees. That was over 19 years ago!! I have worked in a large private practice in Charleston, SC, a federally funded community clinic in Chicago, IL, a birth center in Austin, TX (where Jess, Emily, and I first met), and most recently as a hospitalist midwife at North Austin Medical Center and St. David’s Medical Center. What I have learned from working in such a variety of settings is that everybody deserves a midwife. Midwifery allows me to provide care that is truly transformative, evidenced-based, and client-centered. Midwifery is my chosen path to contribute to making the world a better place, one woman, one family, one individual at a time.

I am the beloved aunt to five extraordinary young individuals. Known as “BeBe,” I travel to all three coasts (Atlantic, Pacific, and Lake Michigan) to visit them when I am not working. I don’t know where this came from or why, but I have an affinity for brachycephalic breeds. If a dog cannot breathe, then I must snuggle and love on them. I am active in the pug rescue community, fostering senior pugs and / or pugs with special needs. I am a dedicated practitioner of yoga and an adept cruciverbalist, a person skillful in solving crossword puzzles. I am frequently out on Town Lake for my run / walks. Recently, I have tried my hand at gardening. It is quite a humbling experience in the Texas heat, though.

Moontower Midwifery and Wellness is a dream come true. I am excited to be able to offer certified midwifery-led care within the safety net of North Austin Medical Center. Whether you want an unmedicated birth in the alternative birthing suite or an induction of labor with an epidural, I look forward to being with you and your family through the birth and beyond. I cannot wait!!

Check you later!!