Frequently Asked Questions:

How late will we accept transfers?
In the beginning, we will do our best to take as many late transfers as possible. If you are hoping to deliver with Moontower, please email us to secure your name on the waitlist. We will then reach out individually to give you information on how to get your records and prepare for a smooth transfer of care.
Will you accept VBACs?
The answer is yes, we will support vaginal birth after C-section. Planning vaginal birth after C-section means planning ahead for success, understanding the risks and benefits, and having a close relationship with your provider. Therefore, it is important that you establish care with us early, so we can talk through how we can support you.
Will you accept multiples?
Twin delivery is not allowed for CNMs in the hospital in the state of Texas. We are not credentialled for this type of birth. For this reason, we will not initially be able to take twin pregnancies. We are working to see how we can support clients with twin pregnancies in the future through collaborative care with physicians.
Will you accept high-risk clients?
High-risk is a term used for many conditions of pregnancy. Some consider being over the age of 35 a high-risk pregnancy. This does not risk you out of midwifery care. Other conditions, like hypertension, gestational diabetes, or growth issues with your baby mean you need to have more monitoring for delivery, but can still have support from a midwife and a collaborating physician. Since we have hospital-based delivery, we will still be able to manage your labor even if you develop a high-risk pregnancy condition, in most cases. There are some conditions that should be managed by a physician. For example, placenta accreta is a condition where your placenta abnormally grows through your uterus. It is a very high-risk condition, many times involving early hospital admission and always involving a C-section. Therefore, certain conditions are better supported with physician care. Here at Moontower, we believe every client deserves to have access to midwifery care and want to support you even if you develop a high-risk condition. Because there is such a variety, this conversation is one that you should have with your provider to make sure you are getting the support you need. Know that if you develop a high-risk condition, we will support you in every way possible.
Where is the practice located and where will deliveries be?
The practice location is 3600 W Parmer, Suite 108.

The hospital where we will be doing deliveries will be North Austin Medical Center. North Austin has just finished an expansion that includes a new labor and delivery unit as well as a low-intervention unit. We will do deliveries in both of these areas. The normal labor and delivery unit offers continuous monitoring, support for induction or labor, augmentation, and epidural. The low-intervention space, called birthing suites, offers a birth center-like experience with tubs for hydrotherapy in labor and intermittent monitoring This space is designed for those seeking an unmedicated birth with the safety net of the hospital should any concerns come up during the labor or delivery. You must have a low-risk pregnancy as defined by admission criteria to deliver in the birthing suites. You can have a supported, unmedicated delivery in both spaces. If you are interested in the low-intervention space, let us know so we can talk through that option with you. We are excited to be able to support your birth whether you would like an unmedicated birth or an epidural when you walk in the door. That is part of what sets Moontower Midwifery apart!


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